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Natural, gorgeous

hair  is a lifestyle

Change your look forever
Why Indijini?

Your hair is far more beautiful than you’ve ever realized.  But with Sisterlocks, you will transform your natural tresses in ways you’ve never imagined.


Thanks to Indijini, your hair can grow longer, thicker, and stronger without the poisonous chemicals that damage hair and follicles.  Instead, you can witness your hair evolve naturally, allowing you to truly basque in the divine essence of black hair.


With my gentle touch to the scalp, you can maximize the true potential of your innate texture through any of these unique styles displayed in my gallery.  You can even bring a picture of a style you want to explore. Schedule your consultation today!

  • Certified Sisterlocks Consultant since 2000.

  • Certified Trichology Analyst since 2016.

  • Servicing hair since 1979.


Before & After


(Left) This is four months of not having the hair retightened.

(Right) This is what it looks like after the hair has been retightened.

What You Say About Us

"Renee has been doing my locs for 2 years now and my hair has really grown more and more in length and beauty. I'm always receiving compliments, I would and do recommend Rene to anyone interested in having locs done it is money well spent that will not be regretted!!! Husbands, wife’s and significant others if your loved one is thinking about having locs done, having Rene hook them up will be a gift they'll never forget. Mine are a birthday give from my husband and he loves the way they look too"!!


~Rochelle W. | 10.14.2016

Sisterlock/Brotherlocks Re-Tight

"Renee was very professional and efficient. She was very polite and understanding. My hair was done in a timely manner, which is something that I like. I only give one time to do my hair the right way, and she did an excellent job. I will be rescheduling for another appointment."

~James L. | 10.2.2016

Sisterlock/Brotherlocks Re-Tight

"When I became interested in getting Sisterlocks, I found Renee online and set up a consultation with her. Since day one she has been awesome. She has a nice creative aura about her, and it shows through her work as well as her home. She was very patient in answering all of my questions and is really informative about the Sisterlocks process, products, etc. Renee takes her time to ensure your hair is done too perfection and I receive compliments on my locs all the time. I've been Sisterlocked since July 2015 and I would definitely recommend her being your loctician if you're looking to transition, receive hair care from someone well informed, and in a comfortable environment while she blesses you with her hands."


- Jennifer P. | 03.30.2016

Sisterlock/Brotherlocks Re-Tight

"Love her gentle touch!"

- Quanta C. | 11.10.2015

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Sisterlock Re-Tight

"The very first thing that I love concerning Renee is she has a sweet spirit , her work environment is so relaxing( that has been since day one ! ) , she is very accommodating of my time and work scheduling ( thank you Joseph/ her husband / help mate for blessing me to come into your home & sacrificing the hours you give up with your wife to accommodate me) , the price , the care she takes with my hair I know she would with her own and that means a lot to me because she doesn't just rush through it she really wants to and DOES do her Best !!!! I am so happy that she is back to being able to beautify my hair. Thank You again, Renee , I appreciate you Rochelle "


- Rochelle W. | 05.23.2015



Sisterlock Re-Tight
"Renee offers very professional service, she makes you feel welcome & I felt comfortable from the very first appointment, you can tell she loves her craft & it shows in her work. It has been and is a well worth it change for me in choosing sister locks and Renee as a technician is a bargain within itself !!!!! And the company of Roadhouse( her cat) is a welcome entertainment. LOL Thank You, Renee !!!! "

- Rochelle W. | 02.11.2015

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