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How often should I wash my Sisterlocks?

Once a week or every two weeks.



How often should I have my locks retightened?

Freshly installed locks should be retightened every 4 weeks until they lock. Then only once every 6 weeks (This is depended on your hair pattern).



How do I stretch the hair when it starts bunching?

Very gently.  Remember, your locks are very delicate and must be done when the hair is wet. You can also braid the hair while it's wet until the hair is dry.  Then you'll have a beautiful braid-out.



How do I find a certified consultant who also is a Trichology Analyst? and search under consultants.



Where do I buy Sisterlocks products? and search in the marketplace.



Does Sisterlocks make hair pieces for people who are balding and have thinning locks?

Yes, go to and search for a Trichology Analyst in your area.



Does Indijini have a return policy or exchange policy?






How may I contact you?

By calling (619) 928-4438


















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